Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tip Analisa Teknikal - WTK

I put it in simple explanation in order you guys understand why I choose this stock. Before I say it in technical analysis you need to have a confirmation. It is really an important point you to bear in mind.
There are 4 points in choosing this stock:-
1. Breakout from downtrend line with a big volume
2. Stochastic on the verge of "Golden Crossover"
3. Breakout from a small consolidation period
4. Making a higher low
5. The most important point for the past couple of years every first quarter of the year price of WTK will rebound
All these points confirm that price breakout not just temporarily but will move higher with targeting at 1.13 and 1.27. Cut loss at 0.975
Nabil Fikri MSTA

Research House Recommendation ;

Most Research Houses gave a HOLD recommendation with a fair value of RM1.06.


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